15 Hours of Funding
Covering the Cost of Childcare


In England, the 15 Hours Funded Childcare program encompasses two crucial government initiatives designed to provide free early education and childcare for children aged two, three, and four.

15 Hours Childcare Funding Goslings

15 Hours Childcare Funding 2 year olds

15 Hours Funded Childcare for 2-Year-Olds:

Eligibility for 15 hours of funded childcare for 2-year-olds is contingent on specific criteria, including receiving certain benefits or meeting income thresholds.

Parents should also be mindful of potential additional costs associated with the program, such as meals and trips. Non-UK citizens categorized under ‘no recourse to public funds’ might still qualify based on residency and income criteria, with eligibility determined by immigration status and household income thresholds for families residing in or outside London. Individuals with savings or investments exceeding £16,000 are considered ineligible for this program.

15 Hours Funded Childcare for 3 and 4 Year Olds:

Every three and four-year-old in England is entitled to 15 hours of funded childcare or early education per week for 38 weeks of the year, totaling 570 hours over 12 months.

Parents may need to cover additional costs like meals, nappies, wipes, and trips. Application involves contacting the nursery, providing proof of the child’s age, and completing a declaration form.

15 Hours Childcare Funding 3+4 year olds

15 Hours Childcare Funding Application

Application Process:

For both age groups, parents can apply by contacting their nursery, providing necessary documentation, and completing the required forms. Funding can be utilised starting from specific dates following the child’s second birthday. These programs aim to make quality childcare more accessible.

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What Parents Say About Goslings Day Nursery
Based on 15 reviews
Sayna Blackshaw
Sayna Blackshaw
I can’t recommend Goslings enough. It’s a small, family-like setting which enables the children to develop really strong relationships with each other and their teachers. The staff are energetic, creative, and loving. Activities are varied so no two days are the same. We love it here, our son has absolutely thrived.
Joel Attar
Joel Attar
Wonderful nursery with an incredible team! The staff are so involved, professional and warm - they have created a great little nursery here. The garden was redone in 2021 and it's a lovely bit of outdoors for the kids to enjoy too. Our kids really enjoy the friendly faces and constantly-changing activities.
Barry Connolly
Barry Connolly
We've had over three years experience of Gosling's with two kids and it's been nothing but positive. The thing that jumps out from day one is the sheer love and care from all of the staff in the nursery. For us this has always been the most important factor - sending your kids into a place where you know they're well looked after and loved.
Helen Orton
Helen Orton
A wonderful friendly nursery
Matthew Folley
Matthew Folley
We have entrusted Goslings with both of our kids and they have been wonderful, highly recommended!
Naomi Nathan
Naomi Nathan
My son has been attending Goslings for two years and we couldn’t be happier with the care he is given. It’s clear the children are stimulated and have loads of fun. I highly recommend them!
Charlotte Smith
Charlotte Smith
We've been so happy with Goslings Nursery. The staff are caring and warm. The activities the children do day to day are varied and developmental.
Juliette ESPAGNO
Juliette ESPAGNO
I'm Milo's grand-mother, living in France, and I'm very happy to see photos and videos of my Milo during his plentiful and diverse activities! Thanks for that!
K Fish
K Fish
Everyone who works here is so lovely and dedicated. They mix up activities on a daily basis and give lots of updates so you always feel connected to your child’s life at daycare. Our daughter loves it and we are really grateful to be party of the Goslings community.
Why Choose Goslings Nursery
Our comprehensive staff training programme ensures that everyone in our team is up to date on the latest guidance, techniques, learning programmes and first aid so that you know that when your child is attending Goslings Nursery, they are cared for and looked after in the very best way, so you feel comfortable and confident while you are away from them.
We have a strict safeguarding policy at Goslings Nursery which is never compromised ensuring your child is in the safest hands. With 26 year's experience, we have built a positive management team and systems are in place to guarantee our hygeine standards and behaviour policies are always up to scratch. We partner with local schools so our teams can prepare your child for their next step.
Our Promise
Our testimonials from parents past and present speak for themselves and assure you that when we say we are committed to your child's development and well-being, it is completely true. We enjoy watching children grow and learn while they are with us and we take pride in ensuring they enjoy each and every day they spend with us.

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